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iRealty Pro Property Management will:

Protect and lower the risk from personal liability

  • Maintain requisite documentation
  • Review and educate owners regarding their obligations and keep them apprised of current local, state and federal laws, including the Davis-Sterling Act.
  • Provide a record of communication regarding issues and disputes

Act as mediator in disputes

  • Become the “point of contact” regarding tenant concerns
  • Educate and explain rules, regulations and policies
  • Be an objective party in reaching compromises in landlord/tenant disputes
  • Promotes harmony among residents by providing regular channels of communication to management

Perform collection activities

  • Keep owner informed of real-time status of the property
  • Take necessary legal action

Develop a plan to maintain and increase property values

  • Research and provide current and local real estate market trends
  • Research and provide current and local architectural and interior design trends
  • Provide information on current sales activity
  • Promote the maintenance of adequate reserves
  • Facilitate regular maintenance of property
  • Develop and manage a preventive maintenance schedule
  • Inspect and provide guidance on needed capital improvements

Financial Management

  • Monthly online rent statements are sent to all owners
  • Payment of homeowners association fees online by electronic check services
  • Automatic payments available to owners
  • Receive and process Maintenance fees and special assessments
  • Follow-up on delinquent tenants.
  • Prepare Late Notices and impose late fees
  • Coordinate with Attorney for Collections and Eviction process
  • Preparation of Various Monthly Financial Statements viewable online
    • Balance Sheet
    • Owner Draw Statements
    • Profit and Loss
    • General Ledger
    • Income Statement
    • Year-to-Date Comparisons
    • Bank Statements
    • Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Payment of All Authorized Bills
  • Funding of Reserve Account
  • Utility Bills and Monthly Expenses reviewable online
  • Assistance in Preparation of Annual Budget
  • Assistance to Accountant  in Preparation of Annual 1099s
  • Facilitate Refinancing and Transfer of Ownership Efforts by Providing Lenders and Escrow Officers with Necessary Documents
  • Coordination with CPA on financial issues
  • Budget and reserve planning
  • Computerized financial analysis

Administrative Management

  • Online Services
  • Communicate to Owner a Cost-Effective, Proactive Approach Towards Property Management.
  • Service Vendor Relations
  • Ensure Records are available online
  • Provide Tenant and Owner communications online around the clock
  • Document Management
  • Record and Maintain Information Containing Names and Phone Numbers of Tenants Including Emergency Contact Information
  • Post important notices and announcements online
  • Keep Owner current regarding legal and financial matters that affect Landlords
  • Provide Annual Vendor Assessments
  • Review parking assignments and enforcement procedures
  • Review and Recommend Tenant Rules and Regulations annually
  • Enforce Rules and Regulations and provide Tenant Violations letters
  • Legal notice preparation and serving
  • Tenant conflict mediation
  • Quarterly progress reports

Maintenance Management

  • Perform scheduled on-site and interior property inspections to identify structural, maintenance and safety issues such as:
    • Exterior Condition
    • Electrical and Lighting
    • Landscape
    • Common Areas
    • Elevator Maintenance
    • Roof Condition
    • Roof-top Decks
    • Downspouts and Gutters
    • Common Area Water Storage Tank and Boiler
    • Amenities (i.e. Pool, Recreation Room, Exercise Room)
    • HVAC Efficiency
    • Plumbing
    • Sump Pumps
    • Trash Removal
    • Safety Equipment:
  • Smoke Detectors, Methane, Radon & Carbon Dioxide Warning Systems
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke and Fire Sprinkler Alarm
  • Common Area Emergency Lighting Including Exit Signs
  • Emergency Gas Shut-Off Device
  • Emergency Water Shut-Off Valve
  • Establish Preventive Maintenance Program
  • Customized Preventive Maintenance Checklists
  • Evaluation and tracking of the day-to-day maintenance, repairs, policies and procedures
  • Provide Repair Coordination
  • Establish Earthquake Emergency Procedures

Leasing Services

  • Extensive online advertising
  • Complete and professional marketing materials sent out to our list of Tenants in Wait and our current database of clients
  • In Person property showings
  • Rental Signs
  • Multimedia marketing including video tour & slide show advertising
  • Open House
  • Tenant Screening including background checks
  • Employment and Income Verification
  • Lease contract preparation and execution
  • Handle and coordinate all move-in activities

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