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Finding the Right Agent

Posted by maperna on February 2, 2022


If you are like most homeowners, you’ve made the decision to sell and now you are looking for the right Realtor for the job of getting your home sold in the shortest period of time for the highest dollar.  In the sea of possible real estate professionals – whom do you choose?

At this point, you have probably already scoured the internet — checking out numerous Realtors and their websites until your eyes have glazed over.  Maybe you’ve met and hired a few Realtors who promised you the sky and failed to deliver.  Or maybe you’ve visited a few open houses or toured a few homes and left thinking that you could do a better job in marketing your home on your own.

Maybe you’re considering hiring the Agent who helped you buy your home.  Or maybe, you’re thinking of contacting the Agent who listed the home when you bought it.  Or how about those referrals you’ve gotten from friends or family members?  Maybe you’ve checked out the Listing Agent who listed many of the homes for sale in your neighborhood.  Or just maybe, you’re considering a friend of a friend of the family.

The problem is this: How do you choose the right Realtor to effectively market your property and skilled enough to negotiate the sale of your home for the highest possible net price?   It boils down to two basic questions:

  1. The criteria to determine who is best qualified for the job of getting your home sold for top dollar
  2. What it takes to successfully sell a home in this market

The first thing we have to do is expose the myths about Realtors.  Once we’ve exposed the truth and informed you about the facts that many real estate agents don’t want you to know, we will then explore the criteria you should use to select the Realtor who is going to do the best job of selling your home for the maximum pay-off in the shortest period of time.

Lastly, we will unveil the secrets top real estate professionals use in today’s market to get you a large buyer turnout resulting in the highest net dollar.   With this information in hand, you will feel confident that you’re making the right choice in selecting the best Realtor for doing the job of getting your home sold and meeting your real estate needs.

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