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Posted by maperna on March 28, 2022

5 Tips To Make Your Home More Profitable

1. Reduce Clutter

Whether it’s been a few years or 30 years of memories, it’s easy to get comfortable and not put away the various items we use for daily use. Storing the small kitchen appliances behind closed cabinets, disposing of unread magazines and other clutter can instantly make a home feel cleaner and open to future possibilities.

2. Neutral is Appealing to Home Buyers

Staging a home makes it easier for buyers to envision their family making memories in the space.  Critique the rooms in your home and conquer easy projects that entail a small investment with the potential to make a big difference. Your home has your style, but new homeowners will have their own preferences.  For example, that red wall in your living room aligns with your tastes.  However, a neutral color gives potential home buyers a blank canvas.

3. Enhance Curb Appeal

Just like you judge a book by its cover, home buyers viewing your home from the street judge the outdoor appearance.  As you prepare the exterior, make sure there’s a welcoming front door and recently manicured landscaping.  Rent a pressure washer to clean the exterior.  It will give the appearance of an almost freshly painted home with much less expense.  This will help with the curb appeal for your listing’s pictures as well as for drive-bys.

4. Scrub & Deodorize

Fido has been a great addition to your family, but pet smells and other odors should be eliminated.  Review your bathrooms and check the surfaces for mildew and other cleanliness issues which could turn away a home buyer.

5. Fix Problem Areas

Cracks in the walls, flooring or ceiling are an instant red flag to buyers.  These type of problems are typically related to foundation issues.   These issues will most likely be discovered during a home inspection.  So, instead of doing a quick fix, look at having the issue corrected for the long term.  Taking the time to fix the problem now is especially helpful if you are looking for a quick sale.

Interested in learning more tips on how to sell your home for more money?  I would love to show you how our team is going to give you the largest return on selling your home.  Please give me a call and we can help get you set up for success!

Lynette Williams

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